Area Chapters

Acadiana – Martin Audiffred

Phone: 337-984-6526

“We have worked too hard to let our benefits lessen – we must and will be heard. RSEA is a member driven organization that works to protect our   retirement and health benefits.”


Alexandria – Victor Dennis, Jr.

Phone: 318-623-4547

“As a retiree of the State of Louisiana, I appreciate the fact that we have an organization that looks out for the retirement welfare of both retirees and active state employees. When I first learned of RSEA, I thought, ‘Here’s an organization worthy of membership.’ The cost of membership should enable all to join, but more than the cost of membership, it’s the services provided on our behalf. How good it is to have RSEA!”

James LeBlanc 3

Baton Rouge – James LeBlanc, Jr.

Phone: 225-284-9947

“I am happy to be part of an organization that is fully committed to the health and welfare of Louisiana State Retired workers.  It is the responsibility of us all to encourage other retirees who is not part of this organization to join with us because as more people are involved usually the better the outcome are.”

Eva Mae Queen Shanklin

Coastal – Eva Mae Queen Shanklin

Phone: (985) 447-7562

As an RSEA board member I will work to keep your benefits secure.  I have served my community and am ready to serve as Coastal Chapter President.  As a retiree, I fully understand your concerns and needs.


 Lake Charles – Gwen Thompson

Phone: 337-912-9373

“I appreciate the honor of serving as your area president. All nine regions of the state work together on the RSEA board to enhance and improve the retirement benefits for all state employees. Our organization continues to be the voice for you as a state retiree and/or current state employee. I encourage you to attend our area meetings to learn more about your benefits and other issues that affect your retirement. Please join with us to promote these interests for employees, their dependents and beneficiaries.”


 Monroe – Dianne Guillot

Phone: 318-396-6275

As a Louisiana state retiree or active state employee, it is most important that you still maintain contact with other retirees and state employees. One word, one vote and one voice are seldom heard but between the 10,000 plus members RSEA has, there are lots of words, many votes and informed voices! You have a word, voice and vote from the Officers and Board of Directors of RSEA. We always strive to keep you up-to-date with all that is going on with LASERS and Group Benefits. Pay your dues, keep them current, and become a part of this vital group who looks out for the retirement interests of Louisiana current and future state retirees! Attend your regional meetings to show your support to the Officers and Board which works for you. When you are requested to contact the legislators for bills that need our support, do so by being a part of our email base. Looking forward to serving you many more years!


New Orleans – Benny Harris

Phone: 504-304-4084

“RSEA represents the future of the past. RSEA is the voice of both retired and current state employees throughout the State and in the State Legislature. RSEA is the organization that keeps you aware of significant events that have or are about to happen. When you vote, your ideas and wishes resonate loudly and clearly in significant places.  You are encouraged to always read our publication ‘THE LOUISIANA VOICE’ and contact your Area President with ANY of your concerns.”


 North Shore –  David Thomas

Phone: 985-290-2107

“RSEA is a vibrant organization working to protect and increase the retirement benefits of those who have served the State of Louisiana. We are your voice in Congress, fighting for social security benefits and in the state legislature fighting for your COLA and other retirement benefits. It is an honor to be a member of RSEA, and I encourage all retirees and active state employees to join with us so that our voice can be even stronger.”

Bonita 1 2017

 Shreveport – Bonita Hearne

Phone: 318-746-1924

“I joined RSEA and became a member of the board of directors of RSEA so that I could help fellow retired state employees and current state employees in every way possible. I learned there were many ways that I could help and so can you. I knew there was great strength in numbers but did not know that RSEA had to fight for increases and also had to fight harmful legislation that would be a detriment to our state retirement. Please get to know your State Legislators personally so that you can ask them for help when needed. Always attend area meetings so that you can be informed about your retirement system.”